Flower of the Day: 04.24.14

“Do not fight with your shadow when it appears, simply observe it. If you are identified with it, you may experience periods of panic. Stay calm and breathe deeply. Try to remember that panic only comes when you resist surrendering to the flow of life. You insist on keeping something that already passed its expiration date. You are holding onto a point of view and living a drama that is already over. As you study this symptom more deeply, you will see that behind it lies stubborn self-will. This panic is simply you clinging onto something that has already passed.”

Sri Prem Baba


[audio only] The true desire to see the other happy | Becoming a channel for blessings | Identifying and overcoming attachments


Navaratri was celebrated from 15 to 24 October. This festival is in honor of the Divine Mother in the forms of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. Celebrations and rituals are held throughout India during the nine days of the festival. A retreat called Intensive Spirituality Course was held at the


Prem Baba´s book combines concepts derived from psychology and spirituality to provide us with wisdom needed to find a path to self-discovery.


Beloved Friends! Joy! Today in India we are celebrating Holi, a festival which pays homage to Lord Vishnu, who led the victory of good over evil. It also marks the beginning of spring and the coming
Dear Friends, Joy! We are now about to complete another cycle of activities. Although most consider the year to finish in the end of December, I usually welcome the New Year when the sun enters the