Flower of the Day: 09.02.14

“You can try to understand love through theories, and you can even create your own theories about it. But you will only know what love is by loving, by allowing yourself to experience love. If you try to use your mind to understand love on an intellectual level, you may even acquire some knowledge, but it will be nothing more than a bunch of thoughts. Knowledge serves to place you on the path, but at some point you need to give up knowledge in order to create space to experience love. The goal of knowledge is to serve as a bridge to wisdom; when it is not serving this goal, it starts to poison you.”

Sri Prem Baba


[audio only] The true desire to see the other happy | Becoming a channel for blessings | Identifying and overcoming attachments


Navaratri was celebrated from 15 to 24 October. This festival is in honor of the Divine Mother in the forms of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. Celebrations and rituals are held throughout India during the nine days of the festival. A retreat called Intensive Spirituality Course was held at the


Prem Baba´s book combines concepts derived from psychology and spirituality to provide us with wisdom needed to find a path to self-discovery.


As long as a peace treaty is not reached between Israel and Palestine (and also Syria and Iraq), Sri Prem Baba invites us to pray for love to awaken in everyone and everywhere. On the 27th of July,
Do you know what seva is? It is a word in Sanskrit meaning the practice of selfless service whereby a person shares/donates their gifts and talents for collective benefit. For Sri Prem Baba’s