Flower of the Day: 07.29.14

"What characterizes spiritual maturity is the capacity to give of oneself selflessly. But if you are not able to do so right now, it's okay: don't blame or fool yourself regarding this ability. Don't create for yourself a mask of the good, generous or spiritual one – admit to your selfishness. This is a completely natural passage. Know that you are moving from egoism to altruism, and at some point you will be able to exercise this capacity to give."

Sri Prem Baba


[audio only] The true desire to see the other happy | Becoming a channel for blessings | Identifying and overcoming attachments


Navaratri was celebrated from 15 to 24 October. This festival is in honor of the Divine Mother in the forms of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. Celebrations and rituals are held throughout India during the nine days of the festival. A retreat called Intensive Spirituality Course was held at the


Prem Baba´s book combines concepts derived from psychology and spirituality to provide us with wisdom needed to find a path to self-discovery.


Gurupurnima or the Day of the Guru is a traditional Hindu festival. This year it was celebrated with much joy, emotion and devotion by Sri Prem Baba’s disciples and friends around the world on
The Awaken Love movement is spreading and its team is growing as well. There are many incredible ideas and projects bringing us toward awakening love! Shortly everyone who has already pledged their