Flower of the Day: 11.26.14

“Every change has three phases: a death or deconstruction (an ending), a neutral zone (a waiting period where nothing happens), and a rebirth (the emergence of something new). Usually, the greatest difficulty lies in this first phase because we have been conditioned to believe that all deconstruction is negative – but this is not true. At the deepest level, all deconstruction is positive, but it is always painful. This is because human beings cling to everything, from relationships, to work, to their house, to their children. The change may only occur internally, such as a pattern that is being dissolved, and if one is attached to this pattern, one will suffer.”

Sri Prem Baba


How to maintain connection and presence in the matrix / Consciousness of the purpose of incarnation / Anguish, depression, anxiety as symptoms of ignorance of your purpose / Correct conduct to maintain your connection to the source / The bad habits that connect you with cruelty and lower your consciousness / The power of will and creativity to interrupt addiction

Question: Beloved Babaji, when I am in your presence I have no problems. Any discomfort goes away after darshan . I’m returning home, however, and I’m feeling a little afraid because I have fallen many times. As I get involved in the daily routine I start to feel the connection going...


Prem Baba´s book combines concepts derived from psychology and spirituality to provide us with wisdom needed to find a path to self-discovery.


Beloved friends, I want to first express my gratitude to all of you who are already, in one way or another, able to offer your gifts and talents to serve the greater purpose of our work, which is