Flower of the Day: 12.17.14

“When I speak of the process of identifying and transforming the lower self, I am referring to the healing process known as the ‘ABC of Spirituality’. This is one of the tools of the Path of the Heart method, but it is also a stage in the soul’s evolutionary process. At this stage we deal with the shadowy aspects of our personality, such as grudges, shame, and all sorts of denied feelings. Unless we become aware of these aspects we can't alchemize suffering into joy. When these aspects are relegated to the realm of the shadow they generate reactions which bypass our conscious will, causing destruction.”

Sri Prem Baba

Calendar 2013

"Love and Peace Rocks!" Event in Fortaleza - CE - Brazil

VENUE: Parque Aquático de Fortaleza - Beach Park
Opening of the park at 11am