Flower of the Day: 03.03.15

“During the stage within the process of expanding our consciousness called the ‘ABC of Spirituality’ or the ‘purification of the lower self’, we dedicate ourselves to transforming the destructive aspects of our personality. As this process evolves, we begin to become aware of the parts in us that we didn’t even know existed. As we remove the lenses that distort our perception, we start to have an objective take on reality. We begin to perceive the subtle ways our lower nature acts that we hadn’t seen before. As this occurs, we often believe that we are regressing in our process, but that’s not true. This sensation is, in fact, an indication of success on the spiritual path because it means that our perception is increasing and our vision is expanding.”

Sri Prem Baba

Calendar 2013

"Love and Peace Rocks!" Event in Fortaleza - CE - Brazil

VENUE: Parque Aquático de Fortaleza - Beach Park
Opening of the park at 11am