Flower of the Day: 04.28.15

"At some moment in our self-study, we are led to understand the power of choice. When this power is at service of the lower self, our willpower is used to feed our addictions and bad habits. Many times, we put ourselves in the position of the victim, as though we could not choose to do anything else. At this point, it’s necessary to illuminate the virtue of self-responsibility to understand that we are exactly where we place ourselves. From here, we begin to understand the strategies of the lower self. It needs our energy in order to survive, so it does everything it can to keep us stuck in our suffering, because suffering is what feeds the lower self."

Sri Prem Baba

Calendar 2013

"Love and Peace Rocks!" Event in Fortaleza - CE - Brazil

VENUE: Parque Aquático de Fortaleza - Beach Park
Opening of the park at 11am