“Love is the universal solvent for all conflicts”

Sri Prem Baba



Sri Prem Baba’s Newsletter

As another cycle closes, with the end of 2017, we have a gift that we want to share with you. During 2016, Sri Prem Baba felt the need for a means of communication that could summarize and share a little bit of what this movement has created and realized. The idea is...

Special Christmas Message: Did Jesus Exist?

Sri Prem Baba will speak about the teachings of Jesus, and also invites us to make a sincere evaluation of our journey in this world and of what we have learned. He highlights the value of self-responsibility and the alignment of our thoughts, words and actions.

Sri Sachcha Baba Maharajji

Sri Sachcha Baba Maharajji, also known as Sri Hans Raj Maharajji or simply Maharajji, is Sri Prem Baba’s master and the founder of the Sachcha Dham Ashram.

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