“Love is the universal solvent for all conflicts”

Sri Prem Baba



Sri Prem Baba in Europe in June Finding Your Life Purpose

Sri Prem Baba visits Lisbon and Madrid between 1-10 of June, 2018. He will be launching the Portuguese and Spanish versions of his new book “Purpose”. He will also host satsangs, workshops, book-signing events and more. Read more…

Sri Prem Baba’s Newsletter

As another cycle closes, with the end of 2017, we have a gift that we want to share with you. During 2016, Sri Prem Baba felt the need for a means of communication that could summarize and share a little bit of what this movement has created and realized. The idea is...

Special Christmas Message: Did Jesus Exist?

Sri Prem Baba will speak about the teachings of Jesus, and also invites us to make a sincere evaluation of our journey in this world and of what we have learned. He highlights the value of self-responsibility and the alignment of our thoughts, words and actions.

Sri Prem Baba on Cultivating Silence on the Path to Purpose

T There are many possible causes for disease, but regardless of the cause, there is always a contradiction. This contradiction invariably begins at the soul level and needs to be explored, known and understood. Only from this understanding can one make a real...

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