Prem Baba
The Seeker Meets the Being

A life history

Prem Baba is a spiritual master. He was born fifty years ago in São Paulo, Brazil to a middle/ lower class family and baptized in the Catholic church as Janderson Fernandes. At age thirty-six he was recognized by his guru in India, Maharaj Ji, as a master of the Saccha lineage. Prem Baba now has thousands of disciples from countries all over the world.

The Union of Knowledge
Janderson underwent a long journey before he found Prem Baba inside himself. He had a challenging childhood and adolescence. As an adult he explored various spiritual paths and therapies on his search to understand the meaning of life and the divinity that lives in all beings.

Discovering an Invisible World
As a child, Janderson was witness to his grandmother’s spiritual practice. She was an Evangelical Christian and a practitioner of traditional folk medicine.

Divine Rebellion
Young Janderson’s intuitive meditations, inspired by the phenomena presented to him, brought him to question Catholic priests and Protestant pastors. He understood that one could not preach understanding and be apart from it at the same time and he saw that the actions of these leaders did not match their teachings.

A Variety of Paths in the Spiritual Game
The need to understand life and the mysteries that transcend the material woke Janderson up to this search. Thus, a journey began which passed through a variety of spiritual teachings. Each one was explored in an attempt to crack the code and meet the true Being which inhabited him.

Coming Into Contact with the Spirits of the Forest
Visions that came in the ecstasy of meditation, accelerated by plants of power, helped to awaken and connect Janderson to a new spiritual awareness.

Yoga: Union with the Being
Yoga became another important teaching for Janderson.

Psychology as a Tool for Self-Knowledge
Janderson saw psychology as an important tool for understanding body- and soul-healing therapies. He spent a lot of time deepening into this knowledge, taking a variety of trainings. He became a well-known therapist with many clients.

Another Crisis on the Path
The wise ones say that it is in moments of crisis that true seekers are born. When tested by adversity and doubt, they use oppositional force to push themselves in the direction of truth.

A Divine Meeting
The drama of Janderson’s inner search only came to an end when, at the height of the crisis, he resolved that he would go to India. Tortured by dissatisfaction, the caterpiller was ready to become a butterfly. The meeting with Prem Baba, his true Self, was imminent.

The doctrine of synthesis
“Thanks to the meeting with my guru, I recognized myself as a son of the Saccha lineage. But my spiritual experiences before that make me do things a little differently. Maharaj Ji himself said regarding this matter, ‘new saint brings a new message.”

Awakened, yet still an ordinary man
Though Prem Baba became a master through the Saccha lineage, he’s still a part of the everyday world. Just like a lotus flower roots into muddy water while still emanating the light and beauty of creation, Prem Baba also lives here on earth. He’s like any of us, yet he is One; he has transcended duality and is aware of our unity.

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