Livro - Amar e Ser Livre: As Bases para Uma Nova Sociedade

In this book, Prem Baba speaks about the quality of lovingness and the development of loving relationships, explaining that a happy relationship goes beyond personal fulfilment. Creating loving, healthy, constructive relationships is key in building a better, less cruel world. By bringing light to ourselves, we will bring light to the world.

Lançamento do livro ‘Amar e ser Livre’ Fortaleza
Take a look at the book launch event in Fortaleza of “Love and Be Free: Foundations for a New Society” (Agir Publishing). The book clearly and deeply shows how relationships can become loving, healthy and constructive.
Bate-papo de lançamento do livro Amar e Ser Livre

The launch of the book “Love and Be Free” (Agir Publishing) in São Paulo, Brazil included a talk with actress Bruna Lombardi, who wrote the book’s foreword, and journalist Ivan Martins, who writes about relationships. During the conversation, Prem Baba spoke about human relationships in general.

Transformando o Sofrimento em Alegria

In this book Prem Baba describes a practical method of self-knowledge called “Path of the Heart”. This method teaches us to go beyond limiting psychological patterns by identifying the “wounded child” and purifying the “lower self”. It teaches us how to accept responsibility and de-condition the mind, transforming negative patterns that cause suffering to ourselves and others. We are also taught how to awaken Higher Consciousness through a daily practice of meditation and prayer, and contribute to the solution of global problems through self-transformation.

Lançamento do livro “Transformando o Sofrimento em Alegria” em São Paulo
Published in English in 2011 and in Portuguese in 2014, this book offers a practical method of self-knowledge which teaches how to go beyond the negative psychological patterns that cause suffering to ourselves and others.

“PURPOSE: The Courage to Be Who We Are”. In this book, readers will discover directions for taking their own inner journey in order to answer questions like: Why do we exist? What is our mission in this lifetime? The book FLOWER OF THE DAY, is a collection of the best of Sri Prem Baba’s messages that are emailed everyday to thousands of people.

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