ABC of Spirituality

Purifying and transforming patterns

A six day experiential process which gives you the possibility to identify and transform aspects of your personality which cause you to repeat negative situations. By revisiting your childhood, it is possible to discover the origin of these layers of protection and gradually transform them, allowing you take possession of your life from a new perspective.The process is divided into three levels.


Level 1: an interview with the facilitators is necessary
Level 2: ABC1 and an interview with the facilitators

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“Many want to feel happy in their financial life, professional life, career, and in their familial relationships, but they aren’t able to get out of their unconscious negative patterns. It is stronger because it is in the realm of shadow, and this has absolute power over the person. It’s very difficult for the human being to make the connection between the negative repetitions and the past. It’s very difficult to make the connection between cause and effect.

Because of this the entity ends up remaining in the blaming game most of the time. The entity feels like a victim of these repetitions and believes that the world is against them. This creates a maelstrom of compulsive thoughts which prevents divine grace from acting and awakening them. Because of this the beginning of the process that I have called “The Path of the Heart” is a healing process which I have named “The ABC of Spirituality”.

Sri Prem Baba


– Discovering your masks;
– the nine matrices of the “Lower Self”, also called shadow;
– the impacts of childhood experiences over the course of your life;
– Looking for Images (limiting beliefs);
– Negativity.


– Those who are willing to really go deeper in the work of self-knowledge.


6 days – Immersion


ABC da Espiritualidade Nível 1 São Paulo

26/04/2017 – 01/05/2017

10 h às 16 h

Unnamed Road, Nazaré Paulista – SP, 12960-000, Brasil

[email protected]


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ABC of Spirituality

Identificando e transformando camadas de proteção criadas pelo ego e que te levam a repetir situações negativas em sua vida.

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