Who am I?

In search of our true identity

The “Who Am I?” is a three-day intensive experiential group of self-investigation. Through dynamics, diagnostics and lectures, you are invited to take a close and honest look at yourself, in order to become aware of the various protective layers that cover your true identity. You will be guided to recognize your masks and your Lower Self (commonly known as shadow) and to study where they come from and how they impact your life.


None, although we do not recommend this workshop to pregnant women nor to people who are taking medication for psychological disturbances. The facilitators will conduct a telephone interview to get to know the ones who are interested and to clear up any doubts.

“Who am I? Who inhabits this body? By asking this question, you can become aware of your point of work and of the attachment that you have to your name and your story, as well as to the identification with the dramas that repeat in your life.”

Sri Prem Baba


– Childhood pain (shocks of exclusion, abandonment and violence)
– The “Lower Self”, the ego’s defences (anger, fear, pride etc.) created in order to deal with childhood pain
– The “mask”, a psychic structure created to hide parts of our personality that we don’t want to reveal from yourself and from others


– Those who want to start or deepen in the work of self-knowledge using the methodology of the Path of the Heart.


Three days in immersion – Arrival before 11:00 on the first day and departure at 2:00pm on the third day.


Who am I? in Barcelona, Spain

November 30th – December 2nd, 2018.

Starts at 11:00 on November 30th, ends at 15:00 on December 2nd.

Retreat House L’Hort de la Riera: Carretera Comarcal 1101, Km 12, 08253 Sant Salvador de Guardiola, Barcelona, Spain

[email protected]



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