Awakening Loving Consciousness
Sri Prem Baba created the Awaken LOVE movement to strengthen six essential values for awakening loving consciousness: honesty, self-resonsibility, dedication, kindness, service and beauty. The goal of Awaken LOVE is to bring people together-from couples to organizations, governments and societies-and create a new global culture based on these values.

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Why support Awaken LOVE?
As Sri Prem Baba sees it, self-knowledge is the key factor that allows the creation of this loving consciousness. Self-knowledge allows individuals to sustain a culture of peace and prosperity. And that is where the Awaken LOVE movement comes into the picture: It offers a series of tools to promote this purpose. It connects us with each other so that we can all become a part of the current that awakens loving consciousness.

At Awaken LOVE, we believe in a different way of living life. And we need you to join us! This movement is 100% dependent upon donations. We have an extensive operational budget that needs to sustain the following initiatives:

Sachcha Dham Ashram & School in India
Sri Prem Baba is responsible for the maintenance and daily administration of the school created by his guru, Sachcha Baba Maharajji, in Rishikesh. The school serves local children whose families do not have the financial means to fund their studies. Sri Prem Baba also maintains the Sachcha Dham Ashram, also created by Maharajji, which receives thousands of disciples each year.

Open Satsangs, Transmitted Online
Thousands of people from around the world have discovered the teachings of Sri Prem Baba via social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram and SoundCloud. These platforms are updated daily with live audio and video transmissions of his satsangs, or public teachings. There are many costs involved with continuing this work, from the equipment itself to the publication of material.

We count on you to help us continue this work.


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