“Prem Baba’s living mission”

Life story

Sri Prem Baba is a spiritual master who was born 51 years ago in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was baptized in the Catholic Church as Janderson Fernandes, and comes from a middle/lower family. When he was 36, his guru Maharaj Ji from India recognized him as a spiritual master of the Sachcha lineage. Prem Baba currently has thousands of disciples spread out across many countries.

The Father who Awakens Love
The name Prem Baba means father (Baba) of Love (Prem). Thus his personal mission is directed towards awakening love within all of his devotees and humanity as a whole. A single flame is enough to bring light to the darkness of ignorance. This ignorance keeps beings in traps built by their own minds.

The Revolution of Silence
The message that Prem Baba brings to living beings is like the seed of a social revolution based in silence. The transformation begins within each one and expands naturally reaching all societies.

Exhausted of ignorance
“We are in need of a new way of living life because we are exhausted of a life based in fear, hatred, arguments, insecurity. No one can bear living like this any longer…“ Prem Baba

Practices for living well
In order to reencounter the access paths to our inner world we need to use techniques that can help the seeker on their journey. This ancient knowledge is expressed in practices of meditation, contemplation, and silence that offer communion with our true Being. As the great Vedic masters have said; “you cannot seek outside what is within”.

Awaken LOVE, an instrument of the Mission
It’s obvious that for mediation or the cultivation of silence and self-knowledge to expand and to become public policy there needs to be some tool to help spread the word. This is why Prem Baba created the Awaken Love Movement, which works with projects in the most diverse social areas.

A guru present in the world
Prem Baba became a spiritual guru, but kept the awareness of the importance of spreading the light of knowledge to other living beings. The mission that was received is to awaken people for a meeting with the true Self that inhabits everyone. To walk the path of love and to remove humanity from the slumber brought on by the unbridled grasping for material goods. To help tear down the masks forged by addicted and deluded minds.

The Mission’s key mantra
Prem Baba’s entire mission in the practical world is contained in the Sachcha lineage’s ancient mantra. It is a spiritual link, a living source of knowledge to awaken humanity from its slumber caused by illusory materialism.

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