A Divine Meeting

Supreme Meeting – The Saccha Lineage

Janderson knocked on the door of a guru in an Ashram in Rishikesh, on the banks of the sacred Ganges River near the Himalayas.

An old man in simple clothes answered the door for Janderson, and he immediately recognized the seeker Prem Baba. They shared a look—a vibration—and their connection was established. It was a karmic re-connection, brought together by the mysterious processes of time. The moment that he saw Maharaj Ji, Janderson remembered about the message he received to go to India (which happened while he was listening to the bhajan, devotional songs).

The words that he heard upon meeting Maharaj Ji left Janderson with no doubt that the Being which had always inhabited him was going to emerge. Maharaj Ji said, “I was waiting for you for a long time.”

In this moment, a final connection was made between the seeker Janderson and the master Prem Baba. They became ONE. The duality that generated doubt and fear dissapated, and the Being came to take his true place.

Astral veils of illusion were cut free as Prem Baba and Maharaj Ji exchanged looks. The words turned into music between them. The flow of love, brought on by the transformative energy passing from master to disciple, overflowed to all planes of existence. Doubt and fear burned in the fire of yoga. They turned into certainty and the courage to confront a challenging future.

Janderson spoke Portuguese and Maharaj Ji spoke Hindi, but even their language gap could not impede the understanding between them. Maharaj Ji became Janderson’s ultimate master. He began the process of transmitting knowledge from master to disciple. The search for an integral life flowed into their meeting and established itself within Janderson, who was now aware of his true Self, Prem Baba.

“In my search, I knocked on a lot of doors. I wanted to understand the human mind. I asked myself, “Why do people suffer so much? Why do people get so angry? What is the reason for being here in this madness?” I came to a point where I no longer saw any sense in waking up, working like crazy, making money, in order to experience some tiny bit of happiness and then die. What kind of life is this?”

“When I arrived in Rishikesh, in the Saccha Dham Ashram, and I was at the door of the master in charge of the place, I recognized the old man from my vision. I fell to my knees at his feet where I found all the answers I had been seeking. I saw before me a Being who eminated silence and love. In that moment my mind became quiet and my heart opened. I had so many questions, and they all disappeared. I managed to tell him some part of the crisis that I was in. Maharaj Ji told me that the aspect that was lacking in all of the spiritual experiences I had gone through up until that point was this: surrendering myself to a living guru.

He told me to stay with him that I would receive everything I needed. The following year I returned to him and was initiated into the knowledge of the Saccha lineage with the guidance of my guru Maharaj Ji. And the more I deepened into it, the more I recognized myself as part of the path. Three years later, in 1999, was able to fully understand that meeting. I immersed myself in that world, recognized my work and accepted my mission. My master Maharaj Ji confirmed my work: guiding people towards God.”

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