Sri Prem Baba Alto Paraíso

“I have been trying to show you the power of silence through practice. Silence is the eloquence of the divine. Everything that exists is born from silence. Truth, beauty and love are born from silence. The being rests in silence, and my purpose is to provide you with the means to have the experience of communion with the being – when this takes place you will naturally quiet down. Although at first this silence is not yet the natural expression of the being: it’s a practice, an intelligent austerity.” Sri Prem Baba

Two eight to eleven day retreats happen per year: in the beginning of the year usually in February in Rishikesh, India, and in the second half of the year, usually in October, in Alto Paraíso de Goiás, Brazil. In order to participate in one of these retreats it is recommended to have participated in one of the courses offered by the Path of the Heart: Who Am I?, ABC of Spirituality 1; Map of Life; Experiential Group or a previous silent retreat led by Sri Prem Baba.
Take a look at the calendar for dates and details of the next retreat.

The three-day retreats are open to all those interested in participating to get to know Sri Prem Baba’s work. They take place in several different cities in Brazil and all over the world, always in places that are further away from large cities and closer to nature.
The program includes accommodation, food, and activities with Sri Prem Baba and his facilitators.
Take a look at the calendar for dates and details of the next retreat.

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