Flower of the Day

Flower of the Day
"Conflict is the result of denied feelings trapped in our system. Therefore, courage is needed to open the dungeons of our unconscious mind. As we dedicate ourselves to the practice of self-observation, we try to identify any accumulated anger. Once we have identified it, we continue to uncover these feelings, without causing destruction either to ourselves, or others. This stuck anger is the cause of failures, accidents, sickness, loss and all types of misery. It is the energy that is known in psychology as the ‘death impulse’. While hatred looks like an act committed against the other, if we view it from another angle, we realize that it is an act of violence against ourselves. It is not possible to commit evil against the other without inevitably hurting ourselves and vice versa. Separation is an illusion. It appears as though we are separate, but in reality we are one."
Sri Prem Baba

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